Goa Chill out vol 13

"peace is missing"

We are excited to be included with a group of fantastic Indie Artists on the WOA Records release of GOA CHILL OUT VOL 13!!

some industry feedback on our first cover song

Buzz Slayers

"I really like this song and how intense and real it came through. We're going to go ahead and post this music video to our blog as soon as we get a chance and feel free to keep pitching more stuff to us"

Indie Valley Music

"Greetings, Boomer Baby Sounds, I want to express my admiration for your recent rendition of "I Can't See Nobody," which pays exceptional tribute to the legendary Bee Gees' song. The fusion of an energetic rock vibe with instrumental influences from the '80s, complemented by a voice carrying nuances of '90s Grunge, has resulted in a captivating version. I applaud the melodic and harmonious sound you've achieved, creating an immersive and memorable auditory experience. The meticulousness and skill in musical production, excellent mixing and mastering, as well as the outstanding vocal work, are evident. Your rendition undeniably stands out as a masterpiece. My heartfelt congratulations on this remarkable achievement. I am thrilled to include your version in a curated playlist. Keep up the excellent work." 

Best regards, 


Full Level Rock Magazine

Boomer Baby Sounds presents their latest single "I Can't See Nobody", a pop-rock song with a slightly dark atmosphere. The song begins with some piano chords that accentuate the intimacy and emotionality, giving way to open and distorted guitars that gradually open the song, culminating in more melodic dynamics. Calm but tremendously catchy chorus that provides warmth and melody, calm rhythms and a melancholic voice that takes over the song. In our opinion it is a good job that we applaud at Full Level.

#ūüÜĀūüÖļūüÖ≤ - Radio Kaos Caribou

"Very classic tune with all the rocking required gimmicks we're waiting for this kind of song. Well produced & performed."

Free 99 Internet Radio Station

"Free 99 Royalty! That's all that needs to be said! Keep the songs coming on here and keep up the great work!"

Barry Gibbs Honored at the Kennedy center

One of the Greatest Song Writers of all time!

WHAT A COINCIDENCE!! Something weird happened on the way to our first cover single release. I chose this 1967 Bee Gees song and low & behold Barry Gibb was honored at the Kennedy Center. Must have caught that Bee Gees vibe that the universe was throwing around!!

I Can't See Nobody

Boomer Baby Sounds

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I Can't See Nobody

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This is our first cover song. A 1967 Bee Gees song. It's a great song and I hope we did it justice.....

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Time Is Running Out On Me

Included on WOA Records Goa Chillout Zone Vol 12

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You Can't Separate me

Out latest single

Has been added to a number of playlists, podcasts and radio shows. Here are a few:

Yellow & Black Media (Top 50 Hot Picks https://yellowblackmusic.com/2023/06/23/50-hot-picks/

Radio Wigwam (Outlaws & Gungslingers Show) https://radiowigwam.co.uk/

BuzzSlayerBlog https://www.instagram.com/p/CrcZATiLQx2/



BOOMER BABY SOUNDS'LATEST MUSIC INDUSTRY FEEDBACK - 3-22-22 - Bloggers, Radio Stations, Managers, Influencers etc.

 "The track is hot... I can see it in a sound track. You got that nice 80's/90's vibe. I would like to hear more from you. Yeah... I'm really diggin the track."    United Music Mafia

"What I enjoy the most about this track is how the captivating songwriting, confident vocal delivery and energetic, melodic instrumentation all come together to create an endlessly memorable and compelling listening experience that has a lot of potential. Overall it’s definitely a very impressive song."    Authentic  Audio

"Total Eclipse of the Brain! Love it!! I dig what you guys are doing... total 80s baby here."   MTS Management Group  

"These Angel's Wings is a driving well-produced tune with a good meaning. The song is also arranged very well. The vocal performance is also excellent. Good job!"   Allure Media Entertainment Group

"A classic sounding rock song with a good vocal and it relates well with the instrumentation. Well written and has a good variety and progression in the song. We would love to play the track."    The Sound Lab Radio

 "Hi there, I thought this was a good track. Good vocals, lyrics, as well as production on here. Good stuff, I am looking forward to hearing more from you in the future."   Apple Music Reviews/Spotify Music Reviews

"Thank you for your submission. I love the "Baby Boomer Sounds" concept. This is pretty much right on the money for that nostalgic 80s sound. I rather liked it. The hook was just a bit overplayed, but it certainly stuck! -Lindsay"   Rock Paire Productions







Brand New Boomer Baby Sounds News!!


Our single "Count on You" was included in WOA Records Independent No1" Vol 12 that was just released on Spotify. You can check it out here: 

WOA Independent No 1's Vol 12

"We are excited to be part of this compilation CD that includes some of the world's top indie performers and upcoming bands"